Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Toddler Manipulation

We are slowly (VERY slowly) getting settled. We are starting to feel more at home too. Well, I am. Ryan and Angela adjusted weeks ago, so it's just slow-to-adapt me left.

Since the day she was born, Angela knew what she wanted and has done a fairly good job of telling me what that is. She can be pretty smart (=sneaky) about it too. For several months now she has been telling me things like, "Mommy? TV? TV? Okay! TV!" or "Outside? Okay? Okay! Outside!"

I guess that is supposed to settle it. I should add that I take no part in the conversation until after she has settled the matter. Telling her no after that never goes well. I mean, hey, didn't we already decide?

This week she added another element. "Do you want cupcake? Okay! Cupcake!" or "You want upstairs? Upstairs? Okay!" I'm left confused how I could have both asked about and agreed to her having a cupcake without uttering a word.

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Rina said...

Funny girl. She's got you guys wrapped around her little finger!