Sunday, August 18, 2013

Little Lady Bug

The house is filled with boxes! My head is filled with frazzled lists. Moving day approaches. I get so sad when I think of leaving our first house. I asked Ryan if it's sad at all to him to come home to increasing bare walls and shelves. "No." Well. I'll be sad enough for the both of us then. Anyway, I thought I'd take a break from business and give an update. Which means me telling everyone that I'm doing a lot of packing and talking about Angela. Because that's pretty much what's going on.

At 18 months children are old enough to go to the church nursery. Angela peaked a-practically-out-of-nowhere case of separation anxiety right about that time. I was so stressed and taken by surprise, since she has always LOVED other kids. It worked out that a sub was needed, so I went with her to class for a few weeks. When a permanent teacher was found, I knew it was time.

Today was her third week without me and she is going great! I credit her fabulous teachers for helping her feel loved and excited about being there even without her mama. I do have to say though, Angela was made for nursery. Snacks and singing time are two of her favorite things in this world. I wish I could record her during the singing time. She is a riot. Every time we pass a chapel she shouts, "Chuch! Chuch!" Anyway, it's been a huge relief to me, and I really do appreciate her teachers. I am pretty nervous about the move, but hopefully she'll do fine.

Little chatty Cathy says says some pretty hilarious things. Today she called me Christie (now she knows both Ryan and Christie). A few days ago she was asking for something I know for a fact she doesn't like. I told her she wouldn't like it. "I like it! I like it!" she yelled. Oh, and I think she is finally saying "I love you." Sorta. Twice she has said something that sounds like "I leaf you." Even though I don't think she knows what she's saying, and it does sound like leaf, it still melts my heart!

Oh, and one last thing. Angela totally stole an apple at the market when I had my back turned. Since she'd licked it, I thought we should hold on to it. When we got to the checkout counter, the lady wouldn't let me take it away from Angela, so she insisted we just keep it. I'm sure it was just because Angela was looking especially cute that day, even for her. Here she is eating her stolen loot.

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Anonymous said...

Mine stole a box of corn muffin mix just yesterday. I managed to snag it before she started licking it ;) It's fantastic when they're toddlers because they don't have to be in trouble and everyone understands when run back inside with something you didn't pay for.